• Realistic Clothes Tutorial
    An exclusive tutorial I made for
    3D World Magazine, Issue 211!
    Check the Project!

  • Professional Reel
    Check out my new professional reel for Summer 2016!
    Go To Demo Reel Page!

  • MD Clothing Studies
    Check out some 3D clothing studies
    I made using marvelous Designer!
    Check the Project!

  • Seed Matters
    Mr. Seed, a foul mouthed, organic seed
    evangelist that is equal parts cute and dirty!
    Check the Project!

  • Cadbury & Oreo
    One of the most beautiful projects
    I’ve worked on with Buck’s wonderful team!
    Check the Project!

  • Jane Facial Rig
    With over 10,000 views on YouTube in the first week,
    Jane advanced facial rigging became extremely
    popular all over the web and Facebook pages.
    Check the Project!

  • Character TD
    Survival Kit

    High-end rigging tools and libraries.
    All you need to create production ready and
    advanced character rigs!
    (coming soon)

  • Recommendations
    From the Industry Pros!
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