About Me

I have passion for computer animation since young age; I've been fascinated by Final Fantasy video game franchise and other titles such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear. I enjoy designing, sculpting and rigging characters!

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2008, then I received my certificate in 3D Character Development from AnimSchool, Utah - USA in 2013. I started my career at very young age; almost when I was 18! I worked in various design studios as a Computer Graphics Artist, until I moved to the animation industry!

I have more than five years of professional experience as Character Technical Director. I worked on two animated feature films, Postman Pat: The Movie (2014) and The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (Working Title) at Rubicon Group Holdings, then I worked on TV commercials for three years at Buck Design in Los Angeles on projects for McDonalds, Facebook, Google, Verizon and Target. I currently work at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver on Hotel Transylvania 3.


“Eyad has not only the technical skills which are without a doubt necessary for a Character Technical Director, but he also has a fantastic eye and great artistic skills which are equally important. His motivation to learn more, his ability to improve and advance his knowledge constantly, and his passion for 3D animation combined with his open-minded personality make him a great person to work with. I will keep a close eye on his career, hoping that we’ll stay in contact and that our paths will cross in the future.”
Sabine Heller, Character Development Supervisor at Blue Sky Studios, CT – United States

“Eyad is an all around superb artist. He has an amazing eye for detail and character design. As a veteran of the industry, I recognize him as one of the best out there. From sculpting, to modeling, to rigging, to tools he is the complete package. I highly recommend his work and any studio out there would be lucky to have him.”
Wade Ryer, Character Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation, CA – United States

“Eyad has a great aesthetic for creating appealing characters and environments. He also has the technical skills to make these appealing characters come to life. In my conversations with Eyad he is outgoing, eager to learn, seeks to improve his skills, embraces constructive criticism and works fast to incorporate those changes. He would be an asset to any place he works!”
Marty Havran, President of Havran Productions, Advanced Modeling Instructor at AnimSchool, Former Modeling Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation, United States

"Eyad always went above and beyond with every assignment during my class. He’s an excellent modeler, and one of the best I’ve had the enjoyment to instruct. He was always extremely polite and followed instructions very well. He’d be a valuable asset to any studio looking to build a team."
Brien Hindman, Modeler at Walt Disney Animation Studio, LA – United States

"Eyad was always pushing himself in my class. He has a firm grasp of both technical and aesthetic aspects of modeling. He is eager, passionate and is always willing to learn new ways of doing things. I look forward to seeing how his career grows and hope to work with him in the future."
Krzysztof, Modeler at Blue Sky Studios, Connecticut - United States

“I have reviewed Eyad’s modeling work and can whole-heartedly recommend him for aesthetic task as well. His eye for appealing shapes is readily apparent, as you can see from his character work. Eyad deserves serious consideration as a potential employee.”
David Gallagher, CEO at AnimSchool, UT – United States

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me at:
Vancouver, BC