What is Ice?

Ice is a module-based auto rigging system I developed within the past 3 years; it generates highly advanced feature film quality rigs that are equivalent to Pixar's and Disney’s rigs. The early batches of the auto rig have been used in many projects and got endorsed by professional animators in the industry. The idea grew and grew into what eventually became Ice 1.0; the first complete version of the auto rigging system.


In this technical demo you will find some of the many features that are available in Ice 1.0!

  • Rig in Any Pose
  • Clean User Interface
  • No Plugins Required
  • Seamless Ik Fk Switch
  • Soft Ik
  • Elbow/Knee Pinning and Sliding
  • Ik Hands Effects
  • Edited Existing Rigs
  • Hybrid Ik Fk Spine
  • Simple Interactive Template
  • Build the Rig in Minutes
  • Sticky Fingers Effects
  • Non-Flip Ribbon
  • Shoulder Lock
  • Arrow Pole Vector System
  • Limb Length Control
  • Stretchy and Squashy Limbs/Spine
  • Maintain Volume
  • Full GPU Compatibility
  • Dynamic Center Of Gravity
  • Finger SDKs
  • Everything is Scalable
  • Advanced Flexible Ribbons
  • Hybrid Ik Fk Spine
  • Advanced Space Switching System
  • Stretchy Shoulder Effect
  • Separate Rotate Between Parts


Ice is fully modular auto rigging system, which means that you can create any part of the character separately! And beside the modular system, Ice contains templates for biped, quadruped and bird characters.


Placing the character's joints and making them ready for skinning does not take more than few minutes with Ice template! I wrote complex vector-math scripts and I designed intelligent algorithm for Ice that calculates all the joints orientations and finds the pole vectors positions; no matter what is your model’s default pose, Ice can rig any pose you would imagine; T-Pose, A-Pose, Irregular-Pose and even asymmetrical poses!

"Eyad has not only the technical skills which are without a doubt necessary for a Character Technical Director, but he also has a fantastic eye and great artistic skills which are equally important. His motivation to learn more, his ability to improve and advance his knowledge constantly, and his passion for 3D animation combined with his open-minded personality make him a great person to work with."

Sabine Heller, Character Development Supervisor
Blue Sky Studios, CT – United States


Within the past five years of my professional career as a Character Technical Director I worked with hundreds of animators all around the globe and I had one mission I want to accomplish; I want to create the most flexible character rig that all animators can enjoy without frustrating or worrying about the rig capabilities, I wanted the animators to enjoy every second of their shots, and that's why I developed Ice!

The whole idea of animation is to exaggerate the reality. Giving the animators the ability to exaggerate the characters motions is not an easy task! That's why a Character TD must have a unique vision and perspective; the ability to translate the 2D concepts into the CG world! I study a lot of math, anatomy, motion and softwares every day in order to accomplish my mission, and I work closely with the art directors and the animators to translate their visions into believable characters that move in the 3D space.

It took me 3 years until I fully developed Ice 1.0 with all the features that the animators can enjoy and use in their animations. Ice body rig has around 250 controls, which gives the animators the ability to get pretty much any performance and range of motion they want. To accomplish the flexibility of the rig required me to develop new techniques that never seen in any other rig before. I decided to enhance Ice system by using a fresh approach to return to some more traditional animation, so I added controls and attributes for scaling with squash and stretch functionality that the animator can control on each part of the rig. No matter what crazy shape the animator twists the character into; it maintains the weight and volume.

I will release Alya’s rig soon for public, and I would love to hear the animators’ feedback about it so I can improve the next version of Ice!

 - Eyad, 2016


Here are some of the common questions that I receive about Ice 1.0 and Alya.
If you didn’t find an answer here, please send me an email to info@eyad.tv

I sent you an email and you didn’t reply!?
In the past couple of days I received more than 5000 emails after I talked about Ice 1.0 and Alya’s rig! Please give me 3 days to 1 week until I reply on your message. If I didn’t reply after 1 week, it might be because some information was missing in your email, such as your full name, your job title, your demo reel or your website, I usually don’t reply on any anonymous emails!

Shut up and take my money! Where I can purchase Ice 1.0?
Ice 1.0 is NOT available for purchase! This question is exactly the same as asking the general manager of Mercedes-Benz to sell you their new car’s blueprints!

I’m making a short film and it will win a lot of awards, can you help me with rigging the characters using Ice 1.0?
If you are ONLY making a short film for the UNICEF or any other non-profit global organizations, and by making your film you might save a children’s life or make awareness about child protection, I would be very happy to help you with making the rigs for the film.

When Alya’s rig will be available?
I’m still working on the rig at the moment; I’m adding more features to the facial, building some correctives and rigging the clothes. I do a full-time job which is my first priority, and depends on the workload; I only work on Alya’s rig for few hours in the mid-night if I’m free. Bad case scenario the rig will be available for download in the first quarter of 2017!

Can I get an early access to Alya’s rig?
Of course! I would be so happy to provide you with an early access if you are a talented and experienced animator, and you are looking to do some animations using Alya’s rig, and the most important part that you are willing to share your animation files with me so I troubleshoot the rig issues before the final release. What you need to do is sending me a little info about yourself, telling me about your professional experience, showing me your demo reel and finally telling me about your animation idea using Alya!

Is Alya’s rig available for commercial work?
Alya’s rig is only for non-commercial work, you can’t use the rig if you are making money directly out of it. You can use the rig for your school projects, for your demo reel, for your 11 Second Club submissions and so.

Can I share Alya’s rig with my friends at school or my co-workers?
You can’t share Alya’s rig at all, each rig file will contains a serial number and it will be signed with your name and your contact information. Alya’s rig is copyrighted content, and sharing it is considered illegal.

What are the softwares that I need in order to use Alya’s rig?
You only need Maya 2016 and above.

Are you available for freelance job?
I’m sorry; I don’t do any freelance.

Who is your favorite animated movie character?
My favorite is Merida from Brave!

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