Clothing Studies
Marvelous Designer

These are some samples of clothing studies and research I made in the 1st quarter of 2016, the idea behind the study is to define a pipeline for clothes creation in CG. I focused on making casual clothing, understanding the real-world sewing pattern and how to use them in the 3D environment.

I believe that the research was very successful; I prepared a documentation and pipeline of making CG clothing. The documentation covers main subjects such as:
 - How to prepare the character model for cloth simulation.
 - How to use the real-world patterns to design the CG garments.
 - How to simulate the clothing on a static character.
 - How to simulate clothing on an animated character
 - How to use the cloth simulation in ZBrush and the other sculpting softwares.
 - How to rig and/or simulate the final output in Maya.

Marvelous Designer used for the simulation and KeyShot for the rendering.