Seed Matters
Clif Bar Family Foundation

Seed Matters without any doubt is the most fun and challenging project I ever had at Buck! It’s one of these projects that many artists and directors got involved in making it. I had a great opportunity to model and rig Mr. and Mrs. Seed.

Making Mr. Seed facial rig was the most fun part, I had to listen to the early voice recordings and just imaging all the funny expressions that Mr. Seed could do. Technical wise the rig was very challenging since the character has a cylindrical/triangular shape, I had to developed systems to slide the shapes and joints along the head surface. Making the blend shapes was kind of tricky too, I had to build a lot of combo shapes (it's when more than one blend shape got fired at the same time) and that helps with making seamless transation between the facial shapes.

Role: Character Technical Director, Character Modeler
Credit: Buck Design -